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Web Design, Medford Oregon

4Boxers has been designing websites since 2004

Since we first started building websites, much has changed in the online world. One thing that has not changed though is our commitment to providing good service. Sometimes that means working long hours to fix a customer's site that is down.

Website Design

We create websites that are user-friendly using up-to-date coding practices. This helps ensure that your visitors have a great experience on your site which, leads to more closed business.

We use Responsive Web Design which is crucial to most websites. It allows Mobile Device users to view your website easily. Over 50% of searches are now done on a Mobile Device. 1999 is behind us, don't get left behind.

eCommerce Design

If you have products or services that you want to sell online, we can help you accomplish those goals in a variety of different ways.

Setting up a site using Shopify, a Wordpress website using WooCommerce, or PayPal buttons can be a daunting task if you have never done it before. We have many hours of experience taking care of business.

SEO Services

We build search engine friendly websites that help your prospective customers find you without advertising. In early 2003, Search Engine Optimization is actually what first attracted us to this line of work.

4Boxers does not guess about what will serve your best needs. We make educated decisions based on what your prospects are actually looking for. We also look into how your website visitors use your website.

Web Hosting Plans

Few things are more annoying than having a website that is slow, always getting hacked, or always going offline. Another very crucial part of a business is reliable email service.

We offer trusted web hosting with 24/7 US-based support. You will also get a free domain name when you sign up! If you aren't totally satisfied, there's a 30 Day refund policy on the price of the hosting.

Product and services features

What should you expect from us?

Parallax Design

Background images move slower than the foreground content. This gives your website a very modern & awesome look.

Fully Responsive

Responsive Web Design means your website will give your visitor the best experience regardless of their screen size.

Clean Coding

Your website will load quickly for your visitors. Keep your prospects waiting long & they may hit the back button.

SEO Optimized

We create websites with two audiences in mind, your viewers, and the search engines. This is important for many reasons.

Clean Navigation

Having a website that is easy to navigate keeps your viewers on the site and raises your conversion rates for sales.

Friendly Support

Many of our clients are refugees from other IT's that give poor support. We have been here since 2004 for a reason.

We help promote and equip your business for success.

If you are a start-up or even a well-established business, we have the tools and resources to take your business to the next level. Plateaus are not acceptable! Why settle for less than you can ultimately achieve? The football coach Jimmy Johnson once said: "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra." We can help you get that little extra you need.

What is the advantage of having a website?

Social Media and mobile devices like Smartphones, Tablets, etc. have completely changed the way most people do business. Your prospects have become much more educated when it comes to making a purchase. Most people will research you, your product, or service before making the final decision to buy. If you don't have some kind of presence on the internet, more than likely, you will be passed by for someone else who does.

How important is a Mobile Device Friendly website?

According to Google, if you do not have a website that is Mobile Device Friendly (like the Responsive Web Design sites we make) and someone does a search from some kind of mobile device, your website will not be given as much ranking as someone who has a Mobile Device Friendly site. Now, since over 50% of searches are now being conducted from a mobile device, and Google brings over 60% of the search results to most sites, this is something everyone should be very conscious of.

Our Skills.

As you will notice, Security and Hosting are strong points. Before the "Big Crash", we worked with a major Financial Institute, so security was KING.

The reason we don't claim 100% in SEO... it changes almost daily. The Search Engines are always changing their algorithms. If someone guarantees you a #1 ranking on the search engines, run, and don't look back. Even Google can't guarantee that. Just saying.

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Responsive Web Design is the new way.

The days of needing a separate mobile website and a regular website for desktop and laptop computers are a thing of the past. Our Responsive Web Design sites actually sense the size of device they are being viewed on and automatically adjust to give the best viewing experience for your website visitors.

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Not sure where to start on your project?

We can guide you every step of the way. Many people are unsure where to start when it comes to web design. Don't let that stop you, we are here to help answer your questions and get you pointed in the right direction. We will walk you through the entire process if needed, we won't leave you guessing.

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Having problems learning WordPress?

Wordpress is a great platform as far as the technology, widgets, and plugins it supports. However, learning some of the finer points that allows you to create a professional looking website can be somewhat of a hurdle. That is why we have created our Wordpress tutorial videos to help you out.

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need ANY help with your Social Media?

Many business owners do not want to maintain their own Social Media Marketing campaigns for various reasons. 4Boxers can manage your Social Media Marketing for you. All you have to do is supply us with the basic information and we will do the rest for you. This process saves you hours of work each week.

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Custom Vector Graphics for your projects.

Vector Graphics Design is perfect for your images that need to maintain their visual quality regardless of what size they are. All other image formats lose their quality when enlarged or shrunk down, vector graphics don't. We can also duplicate many non-vector logos or graphics that you may already have.

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Has your IT person suddenly vanished?

Have you ever been left out in the cold after a website project has been finished? 4Boxers keeps close tabs on you and your project. We believe in constant contact since your website is so important to your online presence. In fact, most of our customers have become close friends. Customer service rules!

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Bottom line, we will treat you like royalty. 4Boxers is very focused on our customer's success. Most of our customers have become close friends. That is because we care so much. We feel success is not an option. If you fail, we have also failed. Our Code of Ethics is very tight. We only hire the best people that adhere to our strict Code of Ethics. Why should you settle for less?

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