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About 4Boxers


About 4Boxers Web Design - Medford, Oregon

Where did our web design company start?

First of all, 4Boxers truly believes what Theodore Roosevelt said, "People don't care how much you know till they know how much you care."

The owner of 4Boxers, Randi Clifford, started designing web sites back in January of 2003. The first web site was 4boxers.org which was devoted to Benjamin, Boots, Jacob and Phoebe, his precious Boxer Dogs. He knew they were so fuzzy and wonderful the whole world deserved to see them. Sadly these little gems are no longer with him, so he chose to memorialise and remember them with the business name, 4Boxers.

4Boxers Mascots

Once upon a welder

Although he was a welder still at that time, he still did web design and studied Search Engine Optimization because IT work was so fascinating and detailed. Formal education in SEO strategies were of great interest to him. Back then, there was this little company with a weird name, it kind of sounded like baby gibberish, but he started following their lead. I believe their name was Googoo or something. Oh, if he only would have bought their stock back then! The next year they went public and now own satellites and buy billion dollar companies.

Attention to detail (Bolder line OCD)

Attention to detail has always driven the owner of 4Boxers in Medford Oregon to new ideas and a continuous education in what his company does. Web Design, custom web site and PDF forms, applications and interaction with customers is a great outlet for this kind of desire.

Like a golf ball, forward motion is good

There are no plateaus in this industry, no final book to read, and he thrives on that challenge. As an added bonus, he loves to hear how clients get past their plateaus through the services he provides. Honesty, privacy and customer service is the greatest priorities in all things done here, and our daily lives outside of the work place.

The bottom line

4Boxers can handle many very complex problems that can occur in day-to-day web site design, development, and pdf form applications, so you can be rest assured that they will be able to handle most hurdles you may have. Clients are given their personal cell phone numbers to allow immediate response to a problem with your website or advertising campaign.

Continuing education

4Boxers of Medford Oregon has a continuous learning program developed for education and seminars to further their effectiveness and to keep up with the ever-changing face of online advertising and promotion.

They will help you to best promote an accurate image of yourself, whether a business, church, school, family center or personal site. You can depend on fast courteous service from a business that truly cares about your success and satisfaction.

4Boxers also wants to honor Captain Luke Boxer

From the owner of 4Boxers

Captain Luke BoxerWe honor Captain Luke Boxer (on the right) as part of the team. He will be greatly missed. My heart still aches over his loss. His brave battle with Lymphoma ended in early 2013. He was the kindest hearted dog I think I've ever owned. He would play so gentle with Naomi (on the left). He was like a babysitter/big brother to her. I love you big dude, forever! Naomi is my only dog now, she was a great help for my aching heart caused by the loss of Luke.

On a side note: I've been feeding my dogs Nutro or Blue Buffalo for years due to the high quality ingredients and the absence of disgusting ingredients (like animal fat which can include... well, Google it). Cheap foods can be a death sentence to dog breeds that already have inherent health issues like Cancer, hip and skin problems. I know the good stuff is expensive, but it is worth it when their presence is more valuable than gold.