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Keeping you up-to-date on current trends, technologies and things to watch out for.

Our homework here at 4Boxers is never finished. Technology, Marketing, Scams, Online Strategies and Tactics are continuously changing.

We answer questions about Domain Names and Hosting.

After listening to our customers, there seems to be some confusion regarding Domain Names and Hosting Packages. We will try to help clear up these questions. Let's get started to clear this up.

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Have you been called by a "Google local listing expert" lately?

Today, like so many other days, I received a call from a “Google Local Listing Expert”. I looked at the Caller ID and it showed the call was coming from Grants Pass Oregon which is about 30 miles from me.

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Learn some hackers tactics and how to avoid being hacked as easily.

Have you ever been hacked? Do you wonder what being hacked is? Hackers are getting very sneaky about the way they approach businesses and ordinary people. Learn some of their sneaky tactics here.

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Torn between a Static HTML Web Site and a Wordpress Web Site?

Now you can have the best of both worlds, a website that has the look and feel of a regular website, but also has the ability to be updated with your own content without calling a webmaster.

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Web Design Case Study about ROI. Is your website actually bringing you new customers?

We actually signed up for an ad campaign with a high-profile company to see what kind of results we would get. Are we excited and jumping up and down with the success, or are we feeling fleeced?

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Does website security really exist any more?

We have noticed a horrible trend in successful hacking exploits. These are not focused on large companies, they are happening across the board. Find out more about this by reading our Blog post.

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PHP 5.4 Causing Issues for some CMS platforms.

This is a temporary fix that works on many servers but should be approached with caution. If you are not familiar with how to work with servers, please contact your webmaster. Always backup your files first.

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How important is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Don't overlook the importance of having a website that is easy to find on the search engines. Your search engine ranking is earned, not bought. don't get fooled by unethical people who will try to use trickery to sell you a service.

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Embedding YouTube videos on Wordpress

Depending on your current version of Wordpress you are using, embedding videos can be a little tricky. We will try to make your life a little easier with this tutorial. There are a variety of Wordpress plugins that can make this task easier.

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