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How-To WordPress Video page - Medford, Oregon

4Boxers LogoWe cover some of the basic operations of WordPress in our video series.

Blogs are a powerful tool when it comes to attracting new people to your products and services. Here are some How-To WordPress Videos to help you out.

We will be adding more videos on a regular basis. More advanced topics will come as we keep posting, so be sure to check back occasionally if your topic hasn't been addressed yet. Also, be aware that Wordpress is always updating with new and improved versions. With that in mind, beware of some differences that may occur. We will occasionally go through and replace outdated videos as often as time permits

How to Login to WordPress

This video explains the quick and simple process of logging into your WordPress Dashboard.

Creating Wordpress Posts, Heading format, Images & more

We will show you how to create a new post in Wordpress. We will cover a lot of ground in this video, so you may want to hit pause occasionally. We create the post, cover Heading formats, insert an image, uploading images, image alignment and margin spacing, bulleted lists, adding Categories and then publishing the post. So buckle in! The following videos will tackle on topic at a time.

Creating a Wordpress Post

This video only covers creating a post without all the other stuff like the video above. This will be less overwhelming if you are just getting started with Wordpress.

Creating paragraphs in Wordpress

How to add paragraphs to your Wordpress post. This short video goes over adding a paragraph to your Wordpress post. A paragraph is different than just a simple Line Break. Line breaks only drop your text down one line, but a paragraph actually adds a space between your previous line of text and the next line of text.

How to add Headings to WordPress posts

This How-To video explains the process of adding Headings to your Wordpress content to allow your web site audience to find important information easier. Without Headings your content is less appealing to people when it is all run together. Paragraphs and Headings are crucial to allow a better experience for your web site viewers.

How to add a Bulleted List to Wordpress

We will show you how to easily and bulleted lists to your text content. Big blocks of text save space but they tend to run together and makes it easier to miss part of a sentence in the paragraph. Bulleted lists help to encapsulate important pieces of information and improves the flow and helps the reader to comprehend what your trying to get across.

How to add a Wordpress numbered list

Creating a numbered list in Wordpress is very simple to do and is ideal for laying out an order of things to do. Recipes and other instructions are perfect examples of how a numbered (or ordered) list can be used.

How to work with your Wordpress Widgets

Dealing with Wordpress Widgets can get pretty in-depth so we won't get too involved here.. yet. More to come in later videos. To add a widget to your web site simply drag the desired widget from the left area into the desired position on the right. The available positions will vary depending on your Wordpress template. To remove the widget you can simply drag it back over to the left. As you'll notice though there are two areas you can drag the widget to on the left. One area (as it is clearly marked) will actually save your current widget's configuration if you want to use it later or keep it as a template for later.

How to insert an image in Wordpress

This video covers how to insert an image in Wordpress using a plugin called ckeditor. If you don't have that editor or one similar, here is the instructions for using the built in Wordpress function called "Add Media" which is located towards top of the Edit Page area.

  1. Find the page you want to add the image to by clicking on the "Pages" link in your Wordpress dashboard.
  2. Hover over the page you want to edit and select "Edit".
  3. Towards the top of the "Edit Page" area you will see a button called "Add Media".
  4. Click "Add Media" and then the "Select Files" button in the next window.
  5. Browse to the image file location on your computer and select it. This will upload it to your server.
  6. Then click on the "Insert into page" button towards to bottom right corner of the current page. NOTE: on the right hand side of this page you will see various options for "Title", "Caption" "Alt Text", "Alignment" and more.
  7. After you have done this you can click the "Update" button on the "Edit Page" view to complete the action.
  8. Done. It is just that easy!