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IT Services, Web Hosting, and Internet Security

4Boxers Logo4Boxers takes care of the complicated technology issues so you can stay focused on running your business.

Information Technology can be very complicated sometimes, so it is wise to have someone on your side that can be trusted with sensitive information.

We have had many people ask us: "What does IT mean?" Well, it means "Information Technology". Information Technology actually encompasses a very large amount of services and professions. IT Services can cover everything from Computer Repair to Website Services.

Our specific tasks involve Website Design Services, Hosting, Security, and Marketing. We create, maintain, promote, and upgrade websites. 4Boxers also works on our clients servers. This includes setting up their website and emails on their server, backing up their website files, and providing them with security to help keep hackers out.

We can help you recover website passwords if your IT disappears

4Boxers also helps our clients recover their lost accounts when their IT goes out of business or just disappears. Website maintenance and website hosting are a major part of what we do at 4Boxers. Anyone that has a website needs these services. Unfortunately, some IT people switch professions and leave their customers behind. Many of these IT people are nice folks, but their job change can leave website owners in a very difficult position.

You or your business should have all the user-names and passwords

From many of our past experiences, when an IT or website designer changes professions, they are also the person that has bought the URL (domain name) for their customer. When the domain name expires, the customer's website goes off-line. This translates to lost business for the website owner. You should own and have control of everything. When we get the phone call to recover their website, typically they are at a complete loss and are completely uncertain of what to do.

Fear not! We know exactly what to do to recover their domain and website. 4Boxers has helped many people recover everything, even when the IT or website designer is a hostile individual.

  • Regain control by recovering lost passwords for you Website Hosting and Domain Name.
  • Don't stress about the details, we have helped many people quickly regain control.
  • We teach you how to protect yourself from having your information compromised again.
  • We have been protecting on-line businesses and individuals since 2004.

Recovery of everything can be accomplished in as little as two days! The worst case scenario was about a week. We feel that a website owner should be in complete control of their website hosting and domain name. What we mean by this is, the owner should have all the passwords for the hosting and domain name, have their credit card in the domain name billing processor, and then use their IT or website designer to handle the complex operations.

Locally owned and operated in the United States

On another note, we don't outsource any services to overseas companies. This can run into some major complications down the road. Oh sure, they are cheaper, but you end up getting what you pay for sadly in most cases.