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Is your website Mobile Device Friendly? You could be losing business if it isn't.

A Google statistic from 2012 showed that about 61% of Mobile Device users would quickly move on to another web site if they did not find what they were looking for within a very short period of time.

Every company needs a website now to join the crowd of the 21st century. Not having a website is practically like not having a phone number. If you do currently have a website, that is good news for you! Now your business can be viewed by the millions of Smartphone users making purchases based on their Mobile Searches.

If your website is not Mobile Device Friendly, that is where the good news stops. Even though people using Smartphones can view your website, it is not going to look the best it can. It may even look terrible! Your viewers will need to use pinch zoom because your text appears so small and then scroll from side to side to view your content. Many of your prospective clients won't have the patience to do that and will just hit the back button.

We have done experiments on our own websites to see what the proof in the pudding really is. Our sites that weren't Mobile Device friendly showed an extremely short visit duration for any one who visited the site on a Mobile Device. We used Google Analytics to confirm these numbers. Here is why this matters so much; if your web pages are getting 14,500 views per month and your visitors are only staying an average of .2 seconds, your conversion rates are going to be less than desirable!

Three advantages to having a Mobile Device Friendly website

Increase conversions

Your web site has to be easy to navigate. Remember, not everyone that comes to your web site is going to be savvy on a computer. They may even have trouble using a mouse. Maybe they have poor eyesight. Therefore, we make sure your navigation is simple to use and your text is easy to read.

Follow-up actions

Mobile searches are very targeted and relevant. Shopping search queries are twice as likely to be done in the store. If they are searching your products in your store, your mobile friendly website will likely close the deal for you since 75% of mobile searches trigger follow-up actions. this could be a purchase or even a Facebook share.

Rapid conversions

When a mobile search is done, they trigger a rapid follow-up action(s). Statistics show that 55% of conversions happen within an hour. This could be in the form of a phone call to your business, a visit or even a purchase. On average, 2 follow-up actions occur after a mobile search has been done. What could this do for your business?

About 75% of web site viewers prefer a Mobile Friendly site

According to Google, about 75% of people surveyed that visit websites want a site to be Mobile Device Friendly. Sadly, 96% of consumers said they have been to websites that are not designed for Mobile Device usage. This is a big problem for the businesses without a responsive web site, but a big advantage for those who do have responsive sites. If you don't have a mobile friendly website yet, your competitors probably love you for that. You are handing them more business!

Our Responsive Web Design sites are quite affordable

At 4Boxers, we have been working with Responsive Web Design (RWD) so much that the cost for a RWD site is about the same as a normal site. It just makes sense for us to do a project that is billed by the hour rather than just pulling a huge number out of a hat. We have talked to so many people who think they are going to have to spend literally thousands of dollars for a website. We recently did a four page Responsive Web Design site and it blew them away at how affordable it was.

I remember one customer in particular that thought a website would cost him (We'll call them Fred) at least $10,000! One of Fred's friends who had us make their website talked Fred into getting a quote from us. Imagine Fred's surprise when we gave him a quote for $800. Fred got exactly the website he wanted for a fraction of the cost.