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SEO attracts the right crowd to your website.

Search Engine Optimization, Medford Oregon

You could be throwing away advertising dollars and not even know it!

Search Engine Optimization Services are a great way to increase your website traffic without spending a lot of money on advertising that has poor ROI. When we couple SEO with Analytics and Technical Audits, we can see exactly what is happening when visitors come to your website. We will cover what all those terms mean below.


How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Analytics can benefit your website

SEO is the first step to Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Before we make a move, 4Boxers prefers to do a Technical Audit on your website to isolate any issues and find where the biggest problems are. Guesswork is a thing of the past with all the technologies available for testing websites.

Google Analytics is perfect for determining ROI, we can interpret the results and translate it all into valuable information that allows you to best utilize your advertising budget. To be quite honest, 4Boxers uses organic tactics to get our business. Organic results are achieved through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to our own website.

NOTE: Just because you have good SEO doesn’t mean you will get conversions. There is still no substitute for good content that gives your visitors what they need. Realizing what they need and supplying them relevant solutions is the way to win over your audience and increase your conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is accomplished through many different ways. Much has changed though since SEO first came into the world of web design. Sadly, many Black Hat SEO companies will try to exploit certain things and cause search engines like Google to change their algorithms (the parameters for what ranks a website in the results) so White Hat SEO companies like us have to learn practically everything over again. That’s okay, it keeps us out of trouble. 4Boxers stays on top of what is going on so we can keep our customer’s websites on top of the search engine results. We don’t guarantee you the first position, only search engines can do that. What we do provide is reliable and honest tactics that deliver good results on all major search engines.

What is a Technical Audit?

I’m glad you asked. A Technical Audit is when we crawl your website and look for any issues that would affect your viewers navigating your site or anything that would affect how well you are going to do in the search engine results. We check a boat load of different things like 404 Errors (missing pages or broken links), broken images, server issues, slow loading pages, and more.

Write content that caters to your audience

I remember many years ago, one of our customers used to work for a huge Airline company as a Public Relations expert. He was reading over our website and commented, “…your website is written for engineers.” Dang. He made a valid point. Since then we have learned content needs to be written at an 8th-grade level. This is not to belittle people, but rather to approach them in ways that are easy to understand. Obviously, not everyone is an engineer.