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Social Media helps keep customers informed

Social Media Marketing Services – Medford, Oregon

Confused or hesitant about using Social Media Marketing?

Businesses should be using SMM to reach more customers and brand their products and services
Many business owners we have spoken to either have Social Media profiles and are procrastinating on using them or they don’t have any at all. If you are procrastinating, take some advice from the 18th-century poet Edward Young who said: “Procrastination is the thief of time”. Or, if you don’t have any yet, take some advice from successful 21st-century businesses, get some!

Why your business should be using Social Media

The world of advertising has changed dramatically in the last several years since the internet, text message, instant message, blogging and all the other channels of communication have become more popular. Now it is almost expected of businesses to have a website and Social Media profiles. Having a profile on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook help your company to reach more customers. They all are becoming an important part of the sales cycle.

Funneling more customers into your grasp can help boost your sales

Who wants fewer customers? Okay, silly question. Social Media Marketing can help you do just the opposite. With the proper use of your Social Media profile, you can attract prospective customers by providing them useful information about your products and services. A strong Social Media presence is the key to attract their interest. It can give your company a friendly face. Wouldn’t you rather do business with someone you know, like and trust?

Giving your company a friendly face

Imagine having a first name relationship with someone from a company you are considering doing business with. Getting past that Sir and Mam thing is a great way to start! Your customers want to get to know you better. As an example, on one of 4Boxer’s Social Media profiles, the owner shared the pictures of his original four Boxer dogs that influenced the name of his business. The invitations to connect and comments on that profile shot through the roof!

Don’t overshare on Social Media. Huge mistake!

Don’t overshare on your Social Media profile about personal issues, religious beliefs or political views. No matter how careful you are, it can be a huge mistake! Don’t get into controversial areas unless that is what your work is about. You don’t want viewers to Un-Follow you.

Too many personal matters, inappropriate or boring topics can also cause problems. Few people want to hear you just made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich all by yourself or drank too much at an office party. Sadly, I have seen business owners lose it on Social Media. Use good judgement.

4Boxers provides Social Media Marketing Services for your profiles

Don’t put off getting a Social Media profile any longer! 4Boxers can easily maintain multiple profiles for you with our Social Media Marketing Services at a very affordable price. We can help you maximize your Social Media Marketing traction to effectively leverage the internet and bring more customers to your website where the vast majority of deals are actually closed. We can use your Social Media Marketing profiles to attract more prospects and convert them into people who know, like and trust you. These people will then visit your website and be transformed into customers who become loyal repeat users of your products and services.