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Vector graphics are great for banners, small images and more

Vector graphics does away with the need for creating a bunch of different sized images. Let's see why that is true.

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80x80 pixel imageWhat sets the vector graphics image format apart from other graphic formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF images? Well, I'm glad you asked. JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF images are made up of individual points or pixels (depending on the designer's choice). These formats work fine if you are using the images at the exact size they were designed at. Let's say I design a logo sized at 80x80 pixels and put it on my website. This image will look fine at the native size it was designed at (see example at right). Notice how the image appears nice and sharp? That is because we have that image showing in 80x80 pixels. If it was showing at another size like 250x250 pixels, the image would look blocky, or pixelated.

Regular Graphics don't let good when their size changes

Well, let's say we zoom in or enlarge this image to a much larger size and view it again. As you can see in the example below, even though we are just viewing a small portion of the image in the circled area, you can see there is a blurry appearance that is called pixelated or aliasing which greatly affects the quality of the image. This can also happen when you make the image smaller and split pixels or points in half, thirds, etc. In the smaller images, it is less noticeable of course.

Pixelated image

Vector Graphics look good regardless of size

Now, let's check out this logo using a vector graphic format and see what the difference is. We will use the same 80x80 pixel size as the example above, but this time when we zoom in there is a noticeable difference indeed! Notice how crisp the zoomed in portion of the vector graphics image remains? That is the benefit of using a vector graphic as opposed to a JPEG, BMP, PNG or GIF image for banners or other large images. Even though a vector graphic may originally be created at a smaller size, they retain their quality when you zoom in on them.

Crisp Vector graphic

We can create custom vector graphic images

4Boxers can create custom vector graphic images from scratch or use an existing image as a basic template for your advertising banners, tri-fold brochures, business fliers, or anything else you can think up. Our trustworthy staff has years of experience in this field and can exceed your expectations. Send us an EMAIL or CALL (541) 621-0577 today to get your project started.


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