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Web Design, Medford Oregon

Does your website make a good first impression?

A recent statistic shows that over 90% of your customers will look at your web site before they contact you. Since you only have one chance to make a first impression, let’s make it a good one.

If you currently have a website that is not getting you any new business or has a low conversion rate, there is a very good chance you are not making a very good impression on your visitors. Another possibility is that your aesthetic appearance is off. It could even be that your content is not presented properly. The list goes on and on. Your website needs to have certain characteristics to retain your visitors. We can help you achieve that goal.

Important characteristics your web pages need

What should your website have for the best viewer experience and conversion rate?

Easy to navigate

Your website has to be easy to navigate. Remember, not everyone that comes to your website is going to be savvy on a computer. They may even have trouble using a mouse. Maybe they have poor eyesight. Therefore, we make sure your navigation is simple to use and your text is easy to read.

Relevant content

If someone who comes to your website is looking for durable plastic plates, don’t have beautiful fine china as the main product. A bachelor that wants something easy to eat off of with no fuss won’t be too impressed with something that is expensive and easy to break. Give them what they are looking for.

Call to action

Once your visitor finds what they are looking for, make it easy for them to take the next step to complete the conversion. Whether it is signing up for a newsletter, buying plastic plates or whatever, make it easy. They may even need a slight nudge, so maybe give them the advantages of their action.


Fortunately, part of our job is to provide your website with all of the necessary tools and information above to achieve its purpose, which is bringing you more business.

Human nature can be a bit tough on outdated sites

Human nature can be a little fascinating sometimes. Even though many of us are very nice people, we can be a little judgmental without even realizing it. I am guilty of this myself. As an example, if I come to someone’s website and it looks outdated, a lot of times I will immediately leave. The reason being is, I want relevant and up to date information and if I see a website that is old in appearance, I tend to think the information on that website is also outdated. This isn’t always the case, but our minds can be a bit picky sometimes.

Your website could be losing you customers

Don’t let your website quality limit the customers you could potentially get. We can make sure your web pages reflect the caliber of your business. As an example, one of our customers had a prospective client call them and the person that called mentioned they would probably be kind of expensive to hire after noticing the quality of the site we made them. The reason they had come to that conclusion is that the quality of their site was better than my customer’s competitor sites were. By the way, they got the client. Yes!!!! We love our job. 🙂

The bottom line

At 4Boxers, we focus on all of these details. With all the fierce competition out there, being less than your best could mean failure or mediocre results. The best thing to do is learn than other people’s mistakes. Sometimes that means embracing failure. It is the only reason we are still in business! We have learned from our failures and moved on.

Call us today to get your website project on the winning track. It will help you promote an accurate image of yourself, whether a business, church, school, family center or personal site.